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Book cover: Smile! by Roberta Grobel IntraterBabies

Loving interaction and communicating with your baby is natural. Did you know that by playing, reading, and talking with your baby you are building a strong foundation for life long learning?
  • Babies love to look, touch, taste, smell, and listen
  • Babies listen to voices and other sounds
  • Babies smile and mimic adult expressions
  • Babies make sounds
  • Babies love to touch books, look at pictures, and put books in their mouth
Book Suggestions
Book cover: White on Black, by Tana Hoban Book cover: Global Babies, by Global Fund for Children
Book cover: Games Babies Play: From Birth to Twelve Months, by Vicki Lansky Book cover: Peek-a-Who? by Nina Landen
Reading and Activities
Try This:

Hold your baby in your lap. Open a board book and slowly turn the pages. When your baby taps the pages or notices the picture, give verbal encouragement. For example, you might say "Yes! That is a kitten." As you enjoy the book together, keep talking and encouraging your baby's interest in the book.
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