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Book cover: Smile! by Roberta Grobel IntraterBabies

Loving interaction and communicating with your baby is natural. Did you know that by playing, reading, and talking with your baby you are building a strong foundation for life long learning?
  • Babies love to look, touch, taste, smell, and listen
  • Babies listen to voices and other sounds
  • Babies smile and mimic adult expressions
  • Babies make sounds
  • Babies love to touch books, look at pictures, and put books in their mouth
Book Suggestions
Book cover: White on Black, by Tana Hoban Book cover: Global Babies, by Global Fund for Children
Book cover: Games Babies Play: From Birth to Twelve Months, by Vicki Lansky Book cover: Peek-a-Who? by Nina Landen
My Animals by Xavier Deneux

Baby Faces by DK Publishing

Global Babies by Global Fund for Children

White on Black by Tana Hoban

Peek-a-Who? by Nina Landen

Games Babies Play: From Birth to Twelve Months by Vicki Lansky

Visit the library often and be sure to ask your librarian for more suggestions. Our Early Literacy booklist for babies contains lots of recommended titles, too.
Reading and Activities
Try This:

Hold your baby in your lap. Open a board book and slowly turn the pages. When your baby taps the pages or notices the picture, give verbal encouragement. For example, you might say "Yes! That is a kitten." As you enjoy the book together, keep talking and encouraging your baby's interest in the book.
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